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This Valentines Day, You’re the Gift

Excerpt via SSENSE

Beyoncé’s 2006 classic “Upgrade You” is, in part, an ode to upgrading your partner with lavish gifts like six star penthouse suites, Hermès briefcases, and Cartier tie clips. We’re flipping this concept and posing the question, what does it look like to upgrade yourself? While everyday acts of self-care go a long way, there’s no better day to focus on pampering yourself than Valentine’s Day. Boo’d up or not, cater to yourself with gifts that feel good on the inside and outside. Here’s your step-by-step guide.

Step one: get very, very comfortable in the softest robe around by Tekla.

Step two: show everywhere some love.

Featured In This Image: Dr. Barbara Sturm V-Drops

Step three: make a purchase that is impossible to regret.

Featured In This Image: Lelo Enigma Personal Massager

Step four: energize your insides with mother nature’s medicine.

Step five: we’re all in our feelings on Valentine’s Day, embrace the mixed emotions with a scent for the occasion. Byredo always knows.

Featured In This Image: Byredo Mixed Emotions Eau De Parfum

Featured In This Image: No Ka’oi Black Gummed Logo Yoga Mat

Step six: tune out the noise, stretch all the way out, and tune into yourself on this plush microfibre yoga mat.

  • Date: February 14, 2023

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