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Excerpt via SSENSE

You’ve definitely heard of white noise, pink, and probably brown, too—also referred to as Brownian noise, after the Scottish scientist who discovered it: Robert Brown. It’s likened to the low rumble of a waterfall or distant wind, and thought to improve focus and help with sleep. The lower the frequency, the higher its intensity, meaning this is a deep vibe for deep relaxation. But that’s a lot of noise about noise—these items fit the brown noise bill of deep comfort and chill.

Featured In This Image: Beats by KIM earbuds.

First and foremost: something through which to listen to brown noise, and what could be more appropriate than these exclusive earbuds? Available in a small spectrum of earthy hues, with noise cancellation to boot.

Model wears Tekla pyjama shirt.

You can still enjoy a coffee without getting turnt—take a cue from its color instead. Organic cotton takes this pyjama shirt up a level, guaranteeing a tranquil time.

Featured In This Image: MISBHV Brown 1994 Sunglasses

Sometimes you don’t want the world to see you—we understand. We can’t offer you the gift of invisibility, but often a good pair of shades is all it takes to add just an edge of incognito. Fly under the radar by keeping it cool in these russet shades.




Featured In This Image: Tekla duvet cover.

For stay at home comfort, a duvet in which to bury yourself is an absolute staple. Opt for chestnut stripes to meditate on—before you know it you’ll be riding the freeways of your mind in a dream state.

Featured In This Image: Acne Studios scarf.

The perfect colorway to segue into the ever-so-slightly-crisper evenings of late summer. Or maybe a little comfort to wear around the house?

Model wears SKIMS lounge set.

A lounge set for lounging, of course. Softness in a material and shade so versatile you might find yourself leaving the house in them. Pairs well with Beats by Kim.

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