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End of Summer ’21 Playlist #Enjoythemoment

New and old sounds for Fall give tribute to a lost Rolling Stone, a Jamaican mastermind record producer who first introduced tape looping, splicing, time-stretching vocals, and a young Modern-funk maverick from the Bay Area who passed far too soon.

By John-Paul Shiver for Pulp Lab

With Autumn quickly approaching, Labor Day in the rear view mirror, and temperatures beginning to change, we are all attempting to hold on tight to the vestiges of yet another summer. Gone.

How do we work this, avoiding the inevitable? By putting together some music. Old, new, classic, iconic, abstract, underground. It doesn’t matter. They all transport us to those sacred places in the mind.

So yeah. We might have lost a Rolling Stone who provided the backbeat to the latter half of the 20th Century while broadcasting cavalier face musings. Or the Jamaican mastermind record producer noted for his innovative studio techniques and production style who single-handedly introduced to the world tools of making the remix. Tape looping, splicing, time-stretching vocals, emphasizing certain basslines, and dropping out particular drum sections…These have become commonplace, the building blocks contemporary electronic music producers use every day.

Or a young Modern-funk maverick from the Bay Area who passed far too soon, before the world could fully absorb the depth of his talent.

Some of these selections are old. Some are easy-going, funky and you’ll want to turn them up.
We just hope you celebrate the moment.

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