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Excerpt via GOOP

Depending on where you live and what the laws are, it seems like just about everyone is experimenting with cannabidiol (also known as CBD) oils and tinctures. Devotees swear it helps with everything from sleep and stress, to canine joint pain and behavioral issues (seriously), and have started mixing it into smoothies, lattes, and—at certain restaurants and pop-ups around town—cocktails. Maxwell Reis’ CBD cocktails at Gracias Madre, the vegan Mexican restaurant in West Hollywood, are justly famous: He was one of the first people we know to incorporate CBD into cocktails, and he’s definitely one of the most talented. Reis not only answered all of our mixing and pairing questions, but also developed four insanely delicious cocktails just for us.

4 Tailor-Made CBD Cocktails

CBD Mint Julep

“This stiff and refreshing cocktail is perfect for kicking relaxation mode into overdrive. The vegetal notes from the cannabis create a stellar backdrop that transforms this whiskey-centric cocktail into a serious porch pounder.”


2 1/2 ounces bourbon

1/2 ounce simple syrup

6 cannabis leaves and 2 mint leaves or 8 mint leaves + extra for garnish

15 mg CBD tincture

  1. Muddle the leaves and simple syrup in a chilled julep cup.
  2. Add the bourbon and top with pebble ice.
  3. Swizzle, then top with more pebble ice.
  4. Garnish with 3 cannabis leaves or 3 mint sprigs.



CBD Mezcal Margarita

“Get your daily dose of greens in more ways than one: The smoky mezcal, vegetal Aquavit, and CBD team up with your favorite green juice to create a flavor profile that Cheech and Chong could get behind.”

1 ounce mezcal

1 ounce aquavit

3/4 ounce lime juice

3/4 ounce agave syrup

1 ounce cannabis leaf juice or your favorite green juice like celery, arugula, kale

1 pinch sea salt

15 mg CBD tincture

cannabis leaf, edible flowers, or greens of choice, to garnish

1. In a shaker filled with ice, combine the mezcal, aquavit, lime juice, agave syrup, green juice, salt, and CBD tincture.

2. Shake, then fine strain into a lowball glass with one large ice cube.

3. Garnish with a cannabis leaf, edible flowers, or your favorite greens.


CBD Gin & Tonic

“This Spanish style gin and tonic is a combination of California-grown aromatics and a CBD oil float that complements the citrusy botanical notes found in both cannabis and your favorite gin.”



1 1/2 ounces gin

3 1/2 ouncestonic water

1/4 ounce lemon juice

15 mg CBD oil

aromatics of choice such as marijuana leaves, lime wheel, grapefruit peel, edible flowers, herbs, and peppercorns

1. In a wine glass, combine the gin, lemon juice, and tonic water. Top with ice.
2. Arrange aromatics in the drink in an aesthetically-pleasing fashion.
3. Float CBD oil on top.


CBD Pimm’s Cup

“This CBD-infused “Pimm’s Cup” variation combines the refreshing duo of cucumber and ginger with the chill factor of your favorite cannabinoid.”


2 ounces Pimm’s Original No. 1 Cup

3/4 ounce lemon juice

1/2 ounce simple syrup

3 cucumber slices

3 cannabis leaves (optional)

1 ounce ginger beer

15 mg CBD tincture

  1. Muddle the cucumber, cannabis leaves (if using), and simple syrup in a cocktail shaker.
  2. Add Pimm’s and lemon juice, then shake with ice and strain into a chilled collins glass filled with ice.
  3. Top with 1 ounce ginger beer, and garnish with a cucumber wheel.

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